Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Event Highlights (Part 2)

Yep!  28th of March 2010, JK Subzone had it's 1st Kite Flying event, "D-Kite"!  The "D" stands for "Design".  And that was the theme for the event - to win materials and use them to design and fly the team's kite!

After much sourcing, we finally got a good deal and managed to order our kites!  We got the teams these D.I.Y. Diamond Plain Kites to design on:
While Bro Joe got the members to place their orders for other designs to fly after the event.  Check mine out:

*ROAR*  Thank you, SuTing!!

Well, before "D-day", Alfred and I went for a "test-fly" at the open field near his house.

My TIGER's flying higher!  Lol!

On a separate day, SutTing and I also went to recce the Barrage to search for a suitable spot for our ice breaker and of course, to see the potential crowd!
The weather wasn't always in our favor.  But God is good!  =)
'Coz the weather was awesome that day - we were absolutely burnt to a crisp!
Despite that, think everyone would agree, though - WE HAD MAD FUN!! ... ...

... ... With and WITHOUT the kites!  HA!

I guess it's just great company that matters!!  <3

Well, before I end, here are some important tips when organizing kite designing & kite flying events:
  1. Hydrate your people and priority goes to seeking a shady spot for rest!
  2. Check that all kites have their allocated spokes and strings and try to make sure the kites can fly beforehand.
  3. When fixing up your kite, the horizontal spoke should bend inwards, into the kite sail.
  4. When designing plain kites, DO NOT poke holes or paste on too many extra materials - too heavy, it won't be able to fly~
  5. DO NOT leave the kites in the open sun for long periods of time - the tape holding the spokes might melt and ruin the kite.
  6. To fly your kite:
    (a) Find a spot that's not too crowded and where there's a strong wind.
    (b) Ensure the string is tied to the end of the kite (called the Attachment Point) firstDUH!
    (c) Unwind some string from the string handle (about 50cm perhaps?) and let it slack.  DO NOT hold the string in your hand - might get cut!
    (d) Throw the kite in the air WITH the direction of the wind (i.e.: you should feel the wind blowing against your back, not against your face).
    (e) When the kite is in the air, release more string and let the wind take it higher.
    (f) When you feel the kite losing momentum / "sinking", move backwards while tugging at the kite and release the string.  Running's not always necessary.  Just "find" the wind.
  7. BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS - DO NOT bang into other kite flyers while moving backwards.  DO NOT run until you tangle your kite line with other people's!
  8. It gets exhilarating when you see your kite high in the air!  But watch that you do not get too carried away and keep unwinding your string till it flies away for good!  The string is NOT originally tired to the handle!
  9. Note:  Sea creatures ... belong in the sea - they generally (esp. the heavy ones), CANNOT fly!
  10. BUAH a lot a lot a lot of sun block BEFORE the event!!  Trust me on this!
Have Fun!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Event Highlights (Part 1)

N470 and N469 combined to organize a kids party which we called,

"I Just Wanna Have Fun" @ Bishan Park!

Between 1pm - 4pm that day, Ice Breakers, Telematches and a Treasure Hunt was deliberately crafted for the Pri - lower Sec school kids' holidays, to make them run about all of Bishan Park, laugh, scream, (hopefully not Cry), get dirty, tire themselves out and most importanly... to just HAVE FUN!!

It was a success!  Till this day, if you ask them, they still remember the party!  ... Even the older ones who helped out, I bet!

So how can I not end by giving credit and appreciation to all who availed their time and energy to help?!

From fetching the "lost sheep" to braving the rain to set up the stations and hide the flags, to waking up early to cook and lugging the food, running across the road to the petrol station for extra drinks, to fending away killer, monster ants and bearing all the screams and complaints here and there...  What can I say - these guys deserve a BIG THANK YOU:

Co-host / Planning:  Santy
Team Leaders / Members: Claria, Jordan, ZhengYang, HanYong

Station Masters:  Lester, TanYaw
Refreshments / Photographers: Elle, Shella, Gretchen, Kathy

Guys, all your sweat (literally) is very much appreciated!  You guys put the "FUN" in "I Just Wanna Have Fun"!!!  Loved working with you all!

From the bottom of my heart, Thank YOU.  ;)